Our World

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Dr. Joan Kang Shin, Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall

  • American English
  • British English
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • Exam View
  • IWB
  • Audio
  • 1-4 contact hours a week
  • +5 contact hours a week
  • Bilingual Program

Our World is a six-level primary series in American English and British English, bringing age-appropriate National Geographic content to young learners of English.

Our World brings together fun and fascinating information about the real world, supported by stunning National Geographic images and video. It gives young learners of English the essential language, skills, and knowledge needed to understand their world – all while learning English.


Each level of Our World includes:

  • Language presentation and practice
  • Songs and games
  • Video activities
  • National Geographic Values and Mission pages
  • Collaborative project work, and much more!


27 Hours of video for young learners

Created especially for young learners of English, Our World Video is fully integrated into the Our World teaching and learning materials, with 30 fun-filled minutes of video for each unit that include:

  • Original songs
  • Language presentation and review
  • Games
  • National Geographic video
  • and Our World Reader Story Time

Technology that brings your classroom to life

A Classroom Presentation Tool DVD for each level integrates all the teaching resources, including video, songs, games, and language presentation, making it easy to bring the classroom to life!

myNGconnect.com is an online companion site for teachers and learners, and provides easy access to resources that support, reinforce, and build on the learning done in the classroom.

Professional development made easy

Dr. Joan Kang Shin, a respected trainer of young learner teachers in over 100 countries, and series editor for Our World, has designed a Professional Development program that helps teachers improve their classroom practice, and get the most out of Our World.

  • Using short videos of real classrooms and interviews with teachers from around the world, the program covers areas and topics such as:
  • Using video and technology in the classroom
  • Empowering young learners through real-world content
  • Storytelling
  • And much more!

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 Our World Starter

AmE Version  
 Student Book  9781305114050  
 Workbook  9781305119048  
 Workbook with Audio CD  9781305120839  
 Lesson Planner with Class Audio CD, Assessment    
 Audio CD, and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM  9781305120846  
 Classroom Presentation Tool DVD  9781305119086  
 Audio CD  9781305119079  
 Picture Cards  9781305264328  
 Professional Development Video Program DVD  9781285455792  
 Professional Development Classroom    
Presentation Tool DVD 9781285455785  
Our World Level 1 AmE Version BrE Version
Student Book 9781133611677 NA
Student Book with CD-ROM 9781133939337 9781285455495
WorkBook 9781285606521 NA
WorkBook with CD-ROM 9781133945123 9781285455563
Combo Split 1A 9781285456638 NA
Combo Split 1A 9781285606293 NA
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Resource CD-ROM 9781133962762 9781285455617
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781133945109 9781285455464
Video DVD 9781133945130 9781285455587
Story Time DVD 9781285445977 9781285642004
Poster Set 9781133962670 9781285456140
Our World Level 2    
Student Book 9781133611646 NA
Student Book with CD-ROM 9781133939351 9781285455501
WorkBook 9781285606538 NA
WorkBook with CD-ROM 9781133945093 9781285455648
Combo Split 2A 9781285606309 NA
Combo Split 2B 9781285606316 NA
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Resource CD-ROM 9781133961543 9781285455686
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781133945048 9781285455457
Video DVD 9781133945062 9781285455679
Story Time DVD 9781285446004 9781285461991
Audio CD 9781133945079 NA
Poster Set 9781133962342 9781285456157
Our World Level 3    
Student Book 9781133611653 NA
Student Book with CD-ROM 9781133939382 9781285455525
WorkBook 9781285606545 NA
WorkBook with CD-ROM 9781133945017 9781285455693
Combo Split 3A 9781285606309 NA
Combo Split 3B 9781285606330 NA
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Resource CD-ROM 9781133691512 9781285455730
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781133944911 9781285455440
Video DVD 9781133944898 9781285455723
Story Time DVD 9781285446035 9781285461984
Audio CD 9781133944966 NA
Poster Set 9781133962205 9781285456164
Our World Level 4    
Student Book 9781133611684 NA
Student Book with CD-ROM 9781133942405 9781285455549
WorkBook 9781285606552 NA
WorkBook with CD-ROM 9781133944867 9781285455822
Combo Split 4A 9781285606347 NA
Combo Split 4B 9781285606354 NA
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Resource CD-ROM 9781133962748 9781285455945
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781133944782 9781285455433
Video DVD 9781285060972 9781285455921
Story Time DVD 9781285455280 9781285461496
Audio CD 9781133944812 NA
Poster Set 9781133962052 9781285456190
Our World Level 5    
Student Book 9781133611691 NA
Student Book with CD-ROM 9781133942412 9781285455556
WorkBook 9781285606569 NA
WorkBook with CD-ROM 9781133944768 9781285455839
Combo Split 5A 9781285606361 NA
Combo Split 5B 9781285606378 NA
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Resource CD-ROM 9781133962717 9781285455952
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781133944669 9781285455426
Video DVD 9781285060965 9781285455938
Story Time DVD 9781285455297 9781285461489
Audio CD 9781133944690 NA
Poster Set 9781133961901 9781285456188
Our World Level 6    
Student Book 9781133611707 NA
Student Book with CD-ROM 9781133942429 9781285455488
WorkBook 9781285606576 NA
WorkBook with CD-ROM 9781285060996 9781285455846
Combo Split 6A 9781285606385 NA
Combo Split 6B 9781285606392 NA
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Resource CD-ROM 9781133962700 9781285455969
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781133944621 9781285455396
Video DVD 9781285061009 9781285455914
Story Time DVD 9781285455327 9781285461472
Audio CD 9781133944584 NA
Poster Set 9781133961741 9781285456171
Picture Cards including The Sound of English 9781285606767 9781285760858
Assessment Book with Audio CD 9781285455761 9781285456201
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® 9781285606682 9781285461113
Assessment Book with Audio CD 9781285458038 9781285456218
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® 9781285606699 9781285461090
Professional Development Video DVD 9781285455792
Professional Development Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 9781285455785

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